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Scissor Lifts - Full Rise

Jumbo Lifts & Uni Lifts


2- Post Lifts

7,000 to 18,000 lbs.


Alignment Racks

Scissor & 4 Post


Scissor Lifts- Mid Rise

Quicklube & Sprinter


Inground Lifts

Toplift Series 8,000- 12,000 lbs


OTTO Lifts

2 Post & Inground


4-Post Lifts

Combilift Series


Parking Lifts

Parking Lifts for home and professional use


Nussbaum Lifts

Three generations of QUALITY & INNOVATION

With more than 40 years of experience and hundreds of thousands of lifts sold to workshops and service companies worldwide, Nussbaum is one of the largest manufacturers of lifting platforms for automotive professionals worldwide.


Why buy Nussbaum?

4 reasons to choose Nussbaum quality

The Nussbaum Difference

FAMILY – Family values dominate the Nussbaum company and its products. A dedication to quality, technology and durability.

INNOVATION – With more than 150 automated car vending machines installed, worldwide, Nussbaum is the leading manufacturer. From Software to installation, Nussbaum covers the entire process.

TECHNOLOGY – Nussbaum is the only lift manufacturer who produces its own cylinders. More than 50,000 cylinders, made by Nussbaum find their place in Nussbaum products, every year.

QUALITY - The quality and safety of an automotive lift depends heavily on the quality of the installation. Unlike all other manufacturers, Nussbaum prices always include the installation by a professional Nussbaum Certified Installer.

VERSATILITY – Nussbaum supports your business, by designing products that do not limit your activities.  Unlike high capacity lifts from all other manufacturers, the HDL 18000 with the patent pending OTTO arms allows you to work safely on long wheel base Sprinter vans, as well as any other passenger car that enters your workshop.

VEHICLE SPECIFIC – At Nussbaum, we design solutions according to the needs of the vehicles that are lifted with our lifts. This is why most car manufacturers in the world use Nussbaum lift in their factories as well as their service centers.

STANDING BEHIND OUR PRODUCT – The Sprinter is the only lift on the market, which comes with a lifetime warranty, as a standard

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